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Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts


Planting Flowers

Back row: Sue Stradinger, Louis Schmigel, Jeff Wysocki, Mark Surdam
Front Row: Katarina Bernard, Lexie Gates, Sydney Stowell, Town Supervisor Keith Cipperly, Anna Brewer, Emily Gardner, Katy Gardner


Junior Girl Scout Troop 1144 from Hoosick Falls planted flowers at the Town of Hoosick Offices and the Hoosick Area Church Association Food Pantry. This Junior troop consists of 11 girls in 5th grade at HFCS. This is the 4th consecutive year they have colored the town with flowers.

All year long this troop collects used ink cartridges and recycles them for funds. They have been using some this money to pay for the flowers. Not only are they keeping cartridges out of the landfills, they are also making our town greener with the flowers.

At the HACA center each year they have planted perennials and would like to plant herbs in the years to come.