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Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts    Junior Girl Scouts Earn Bronze Award

(left to right) Lexie Gates, Anna Brewer, Carol Gaillard (Cheney Library), Sydney Stowell, Katy Gardner, Lauren Harrison

Anna Brewer, Katy Gardner, Lexie Gates, Lauren Harrison, and Sydney Stowell from Hoosick Falls Junior Troop 1144 have earned their Bronze Award. The Bronze Award is the highest award Girl Scout in grades 4 and 5 can earn. These girls are 5th graders at Hoosick Falls Central School. The girls held a Book Swap in the fall and again in the spring at HFCS. The girls collected books from their fellow students and the local community. Each child that brought in books to swap was able to take home as many as they brought in. Besides swapping books you could purchase books.

The proceeds of $125 were given to the Hoosick Falls Cheney Library. The book swap was able to swap or sell more than 3500 books between both events. The girls also gave kids in K-4 grade at HFCS and St. Maryís a free book, this resulted in giving away another 1000 plus books! The girls still had more than 500 left to give to St. Paulís Church in Troy, NY, who is having a book sale to benefit "Inn from the Cold"--an overflow homeless shelter in Troy. Having the chance and opportunity to find books to enjoy reading is very important to these five girls. They wanted to open the wonderful world of reading to all kids in Hoosick Falls.