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Hoosick Rising Update

Let's get to work!

Hoosick Rising

Hoosick Rising is not just a slogan, but an inner feeling that brings the communities of the Village of Hoosick Falls and the Town of Hoosick together - to become one strong entity for the betterment of the entire region.  Our ability to come together when crisis strikes or when a sports team does well is common here.  We need to take these shared feelings and transfer them into actions toward making the Hoosick Community the best it can be.  To recruit new businesses and families, to build upon the foundations of established Hoosick enterprises and ideals, and to develop and execute plans for a positive future.  

We cannot reach our collective goals without the input and the help of the Community at-large.  Great things can be accomplished, but it will take everyone sharing their individual skills, talents, and expertise-working together to see things through.  Hoosick Rising means that it’s time to stop expecting others to do it all.

Rise up, volunteer to be a cause champion, and make Hoosick a more vibrant and sustainable place.  It is only through the spirited efforts of our individuals that the Hoosick Community as a whole will rise to new and greater heights.

Join us at the Armory on Tuesday, July 22th at 6pm for a community-wide leadership session where we’ll learn together and explore opportunities for economic development in the greater Hoosick region.