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It has been some time since the last update, but just because the site is closed for the winter doesn't mean that there is no news to share!

The review process of the ABPP report continues and we do not yet have a version suitable for public release, but in the meantime we would like to announce that we are sharing a cache of primary sources related to the battle on our website! To view them, simply click here and then click on the "Education" tab. This is part of what we hope will be a larger education section of the website. For starters we have added a lesson plan that includes the Battle of Bennington, appropriate for Grade 7 Social Studies classrooms.

We would also like to announce the upcoming release of a new newsletter. The first edition was created jointly by the Friends of Bennington Battlefield & Parks and edited and published solely by the Friends. It will not only detail the activities of the Friends but also contain historical articles. If you are on this list and have an interest in receiving the new publication in addition to these monthly updates, please contact David Pitlyk at

The Friends will be meeting in January. The tentative date is January 19, time to be determined. Those interested in attending are encouraged to watch the Facebook and Meetup page for details. We will also hold another meeting of the Discussion Group on January 25th at 6:00 PM in Brown's Waloomsac Taproom to mull over Burgoyne's A State of the Expedition as it pertains to Bennington.

Looking ahead, 2017 will be another reenactment year! Peter Schaaphok, President of the Friends group, will be spearheading the planning effort with support from Parks and the Friends. Again, watch for future updates.