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Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant - RD-Factsheet-RHS-CFDirect.pdf


Rural Home Loans (Direct Program) - RD-FactSheet-RHS-SFH502Direct.pdf


Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants - RD-Factsheet-RHS-SFH504HomeRepair.pdf


Single Family Home Loan Guarantees - RD-FactSheet-RHS-SFHGLP.pdf


Dear Community Member:


The mission of USDA Rural Development is to improve the quality of life in rural communities.  We would like to bring to your attention to a few of our programs that residents in your area may be interested in.


Section 502 Direct Single Family Housing Loan Program

The Section 502 direct Loan Program provides low and very low income people the opportunity to acquire, build, rehabilitate, or improve single family dwellings in rural areas.  Under this program, borrowers receive a loan directly from USDA Rural Development.  The standard term for a section 502 loan is 33 years.  However, loans may be made for a shorter term and in some cases for 38 years.  Each loan is made at a fixed rate established by the Agency and payment subsidies are available to many (income eligible) borrowers to reduce monthly loan payments.


Section 502 Guaranteed Single Family Housing Loan Program

If your income is too high to qualify for the Section 502 Direct Single Family Housing Loan, you may qualify for a Section 502 Guaranteed Housing Loan.  These are loans made by participating lenders, such as banks or credit unions.  USDA Rural Development issues a loan note guarantee to the lender, which enables them to make loans to people that they would otherwise be unable to serve.  These loans are made at a fixed rate of interest for 30 years and there is no limit on seller concessions.  The lender may loan up to 100% of the appraised value; therefore, closing costs and repairs can often be included in the loan. 


Section 504 Home Repair Loan and Grant Programs

Section 504 loans and grants are available to very low income homeowners in rural areas to repair their single family homes.  Loan funds may be used to make general repairs and improvements, or remodel dwellings to make them accessible for individuals with disabilities.  Applicants may obtain multiple Section 504 loans, but the sum of the outstanding balance on all Section 504 loans cannot exceed $20,000.  Loans have a maximum term of 20 years and a fixed interest rate of 1 percent.


For very-low income homeowners 62 years old and older who cannot afford a loan to make necessary repairs, grant funds may be available.  Grant may be used to remove health or safety hazards, or to remodel dwellings to make them accessible to household members with disabilities.  Grants are limited to lifetime assistance of $7,500.


The Community Facilities Program

Community Facilities, such as public safety buildings, schools, libraries, museums, and fire and rescue support services are all essential to the quality of life in rural America.  USDA Rural Development’s Community Facilities Program offers financial assistance to help communities provide vital services and amenities for their residents and visitors.


Our outreach goal is to provide information on our programs to those who may not know about them.  Please feel free to pass this information on to the residents of your community.  If you have any questions or would like more information on our programs, please feel free to call our office.





Area Technician

Rural Development

United States Department of Agriculture

':  (518) 692-9940 ext. 4 | 7: (855) 889-1631