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Hoosick’s “Rock The Block III” Is All Set To Go On Wednesday, August 8th.

Hoosick BBQ’s! Hoosick Cooks! Hoosick Eats! Hoosick Shares! Hoosick Makes Sidewalk Art! Hoosick Community Band Plays Great Music! HOOSICK ROCKS!!

Everything is ready to go for the third annual town-wide potluck celebration of Hoosick’s community spirit. We’re Rocking the Block on Wednesday, August 8th. The chicken has been ordered, the tables will be set up with blue checkered cloths and bunches of wild flowers, Main Street is scheduled to close so we can all enjoy a sumptuous meal of BBQ chicken, hot dogs, coleslaw, baked potatoes, and an abundance of delicious potluck specialties brought by community members: salads of all kinds as well as other side dishes.

The event kicks off with chalk drawing on Eberly Way (chalk will be provided) beginning at 4 pm for kids and adults. Serious artists are encouraged to join in. The supper begins at 6 pm. The Wednesday night concert by the Community Band starts at 7:30 in the Bandstand in Wood Park. Main Street will close promptly at 6 pm and people can help themselves to the pot-luck feast set out on tables decorated with flowers and balloons that will be lined up right down the middle of Main Street. 

Along with the chicken BBQ (while supplies last) there will be coleslaw and delicious potluck dishes brought by neighbors and friends. Please bring a favorite dish to share (in a disposable container, if possible), and the recipe (if you are willing to divulge your culinary secrets). Bring your own blankets or chairs and enjoy the picnic in the park. There will be a table and some chairs available to make the event more comfortable for folks who need it.

This is a rain-or-shine event; it all moves to the Skating Rink (including the Band Concert) if the skies open up. Everybody is welcome for an evening of summertime fun and sharing with neighbors and friends. For more information and details, visit the “Hoosick Rocks” Facebook page. You can also post what you are bringing on the Facebook page. That way, we will avoid too much duplication and will be sure we have enough for everyone!
See you there!