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Following up on the success of HAYC3’s Health and Wellness Expo last year, HAYC3 will be hosting a Wellness Fair on October 20, 2018.

Last year’s family-friend event featured over thirty exhibitors including dietitians, Reiki practitioners, skin & health experts, fitness instructors, vendors, and more. Free workshops, educational programs on common chronic illnesses, free health screenings, and health and wellness opportunities took place throughout the day, and local physicians and other health care providers were on hand to discuss services available to you or a loved one manage health issues. The event will also feature a collection of local vendors who specalize in healthcare and natural products.

According to HAYC3 Executive Director Aelish Nealon, “Each year, the Wellness Fair provides a great opportunity to learn about preventive measures, both big and small, that can be implemented on a personal level or within a family to improve individual health and manage chronic conditions. It’s also a great way to learn about the many care providers in our community who offer services, like chiropractic, weight-loss consultations, reiki, or internal energy, that many might not be familiar with.”

HAYC3 is currently looking for healthcare providers and vendors who would be interested in participating. Whether you offer services or consultations or would like to sell products related to healthcare and wellbeing, HAYC3 would be happy to have you!

Please visit our website at to register as a vendor, or call us directly at 518-686-9050.