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Outdoor Recreation Guidance

Group activities cannot take place at the parks, outdoor recreational facilities and other areas of Town property. Our parks and outdoor recreational facilities are there for your individual enjoyment. But please take precautions, be aware of the situations that you find yourself in and of course practice an increasing level of hygiene and handwashing.

A parent and child playing basketball, a couple playing tennis, siblings playing with a soccer ball to each other from a distance along with runners, bikers, walkers, etc. using the Town's outdoor recreational areas are all acceptable individualized activities that are presently permissible at Town facilities. Group basketball games, baseball games or other similar group activities cannot occur per directives from state authorities.

There are daily guidance changes involving every aspect the virus, new directives and the status of response from all levels of government issued daily. Please speak with your family members to be sure everyone is informed about the precautions we all need to take that are being constantly disseminated to the public during this crisis.

The health experts around the world are learning more about the virus each day, which is why directives change consistently. It is clear older people, especially those with underlying health conditions, should be especially careful. Does this mean young people or non-seniors cannot be affected by or transmit the virus? Of course not!

Therefore, it is imperative everyone using the Town’s facilities take additional precautions and follow social distancing guidelines.