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Budgetary Estimate 08-31-16

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From: Baines, Michelle
Date: Wed, Aug 31, 2016
Subject: Water System Expansion - Revised Phasing Plan, Budgetary Costs

Dave and Mark,


As a follow-up to the joint review session this past Monday (08/29), we have revised the proposed project phasing plan and corresponding budgetary costs - please see attached.


The changes that have been made are summarized below:



Service area 22S-2 (Central School south to the Hoosac School) has been shifted to Phase 6.


Water system improvements to address chronic low pressure issues in the vicinity of the Rensselaer Street tank have been moved up to Phase 1 from a later phase, as this has been identified as a high priority.  We have discussed internally what would be needed to correct the problems, and installation of a new water main on Snow Street with a connection to the higher pressure gradient would improve the situation on Snow Street, and a potential connection between Carr Street and Webster Avenue could improve the pressures on Albany Street, Saratoga Street, and Marc Drive.  


Due to the age and existing maintenance issues associated with the pumping station at the Rensselaer Street site,  we would recommend replacing with an above ground pumping station that could be expanded in the future to support a new storage tank that might be needed in a later phase to support further expansion of the system along NYS Route 67 and potentially south to Route 7.


At this point, we would not recommend including a storage tank in Phase 1 as the ultimate future storage needs have not yet been defined and will depend on the extent of water system expansion.  Further hydraulic analysis (i.e. development of a hydraulic model, and field testing/hydrant flow testing) is recommended in order to evaluate future storage needs based on a variety of scenarios.      


The overall budgetary cost of Phase 1 is now at approximately $5.35M.  Since NYSEFC cannot provide more than $3M in grant funds (or 60% of the project cost, whichever is less), it would seem to make more sense to leave service area MS-1 (Mechanic St Ext/Pike St/Sunrise Drive) in Phase 2 (which has a budgetary cost of $4.99M), rather than shifting into Phase 1.    



No changes – would still include Clay Hill Road, Wilson Hill Road, and Mechanic St Ext/Pike St/Sunrise Drive. 

Budgetary cost: $4.99M.



We have switched Phases 3 and 4, since we are anticipating that further expansion along Route 67 may necessitate the introduction of additional storage into the system.  (This would be evaluated as part of a hydraulic analysis of the system) .


Installation of a water main along Fairbanks Road/Johnson Hill Road has the potential to strengthen the feed going north on Route 22. 


We have included the replacement of the Rogers Ave pumping station in Phase 3, and this pumping station could be enlarged to support a new tank at a higher service gradient.  This would provide the Village with two options of either using the Rensselaer St pump station (replaced as part of Phase 1) or a new pump station at Rogers Avenue, to support a new tank.  We have a placeholder in the cost estimate for a new tank in Phase 3.



No changes – would still include serving hamlets of Buskirk and Eagle Bridge.



Service area 22S-2 has been added to this phase. 

The segment of water main between the railroad and the river has been eliminated.

Budgetary cost is now at $4.4M.


After you have had a chance to review, please let us know if you are comfortable with us finalizing the report based on the above information. 


We look forward to your feedback.


Thank you,  


Michelle Baines, P.E.

Project Manager


220 Salina Meadows, Suite 180

Syracuse, NY 13212

(315) 457-0537 Phone

(315) 657-8381 Cell

(585) 381-1008 Fax


Aug 2016


Budgetary Estimate 08-31-16


CWSRF Eng Rept 08-22-16