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15 Feb

Special Guest Lecture This Week!

Tune in Friday, February 17th at 6:00 PM using the link below.

Our YouTube channel relaunches this Friday at 6:00 PM with the premiere of a presentation by Michael Gabriel, "The Sound of Silence: Investigating an Acoustic Shadow at the Battle of Bennington, 1777."

Dr. Gabriel has written extensively on the Battle of Bennington. He is currently chair of the history department at Kutztown University. One of his books, The Battle of Bennington: Soldiers & Civilians (The History Press, 2012) is required reading for anyone interested in Bennington.

This lecture will cover a controversial topic. How far did the sounds of conflict carry on the day of the Battle of Bennington? The answer to this question is not purely academic, as reinforcements for the Crown famously missed the climax of the first engagement of the battle by only an hour or two. Lt. Col. Heinrich Breymann would later state he never heard a sound on his approach.

Tune in Friday for answers! The video will be available for streaming anytime after the premiere.

Previous videos from our old channel are still available here.