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Wilson Hill Solar Permit Materials

00_Cover Letter

01_2023-09-19 Cover Letter

02_2023-09-26 Transmittal

03_Reponse Letter

04_List of Adjacent Landowners



07_2023-10-05 Wilson Hill FEAF

08_Wilson Hill Narrative


09a_Wilson Hill Solar Ag District Map

10_ Road use agreement 11.20.2023

11_Wilson Hill Solar - VIA

11a_Wilson Hill Solar - VIA report

11b_Wilson HIll Solar - Visual Simulations

12_Oneline Diagram


14_solectria_xgi_1500-250- cut sheet

15_Wilson Hill Plan Set

15a_2023-12-04 PLANTING PLAN

16_Wilson Hill Storm Narrative

17_Wilson Hill SWPPP

17a_2023-09-18 Phasing Plan

18_Stormwater Management Agreement

19_Decommissioning Plan - 11.20.2023

20_Ground Option and Lease

21_Wilson Hill - O+M Plan

22_Wiring Analysis Letter

23_Wilson Hill Solar- Lease Amendment Signed

24_2017-5 NC STATE Study Health-and-Safety-Impacts-of-Solar

25_2023-02-20 FAA Notice Criteria Tool

26_NYSERDA Panel Safety Guidance

27_Solar Panel Recycling - 2023 Client Packet

28_2023-11-17 Native Planting Species

29_Appraisal Narrative with study

30_2023-09-14 Draft Boring Data

31_2023-12-11_Wilson Hill Wetland Delin

32_Wilson Hill - CESIR_redacted