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Winter Virtual Programs

Watch our Facebook page for these programs, premiering on the following dates:


February 26: "The Fighting Parson & the Unauthorized Preacher"
This presentation focuses on Samuel Ely and Thomas Allen. Allen, "the fighting parson of Pittsfield,” was a divisive figure, intertwining politics and religion in novel ways. Ely, an outcast and radical, was fighting a wide-ranging, occasionally one-man crusade against established governments, rallying mobs to his side with religious rhetoric and a silver tongue. Both men fought at Bennington, with Allen leading his flock and Ely as an independent volunteer.

March 12: "The Alexander of the North"
This presentation investigates a line in Stark’s after-action report on the battle. “…our people behaved with the greatest spirit & bravery imaginable: Had they been Alexanders or Charleses of Sweden, they could not have behaved better.” What made the latter figure stand out in Stark’s mind? How did figures from our past view their own history?

March 26: "Rare Views of the Battlefield"
Any visit to the battlefield is constrained by time & terrain- one simply can’t see it all! In this video, you will have a first-person view of some of the most remote and least accessible portions of the battlefield. Let us scramble and slog, so you don’t have to!

April 1: "The Battle of Bennington: Myths & Legends"
This “lost lecture” returns for April Fool’s Day. Given only once, the PowerPoint was later accidentally deleted. Perhaps it was better left in the abyss! From the misrepresentative to the mendacious, some people have just plain gotten it wrong. Join us as we consider some of the worst historiography surrounding the Battle of Bennington.